Windows - Purchasing and Activating the Synful Orchestra Software

(Version 2.3.3 or higher)


FREE TRIALS: If you have installed the free trial version of Synful Orchestra for the first time and have not purchased a license then it will run for 15 days. You DO NOT NEED TO AUTHORIZE -- just install and run. You will see the Activation Dialog box when you first install the trial version and each time you load the program. Just click on Demo. After 15 days the program will stop running. If you are ready to purchase go to Purchase Synful Orchestra.


NEW CUSTOMERS: You MUST ACTIVATE THE SOFTWARE or it will stop running after 15 days. The trial version is identical to the purchased version so if you have downloaded and installed the trial version YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD AGAIN -- just follow the instructions below to activate your software.


CURRENT CUSTOMERS NEED TO REAUTHORIZE: If you are an existing customer and have just downloaded version 2.3.3 or higher for Windows but have been running version 2.3.1 or lower up till now then YOU NEED TO REAUTHORIZE by following the instructions below. This is because beginning with version 2.3.3 on Windows we have changed to PACE Intelok technology for copy protection and authorization. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  1. If you have not already installed Synful Orchestra on your machine then see Installing Synful Orchestra for Windows.

  2. If you have not already done so, you can purchase a Synful Orchestra Activation Code by going to Purchase Synful Orchestra. Follow the directions to finalize your purchase. After a few hours you will receive a confirmation letter by email including a Synful Orchestra Activation Code.

  3. After you have received the Synful Orchestra Activation Code then you need to bring up the Activation Dialog. This dialog box automatically appears every time you open Synful Orchestra in your host Sequencer or when you first install Synful Orchestra.

  4. Press the Authorize button in the Activation Dialog. Click on the Copy Challenge button. This copies the challenge code in the "Challenge Box" to the Windows clipboard.

  5. Prepare an email message to sales@synful.com with the subject "Authorize Synful Orchestra". In the text of this message paste the challenge code you copied in step 4. Make sure the entire challenge code is there.

  6. Also paste the Activation Code you received in your order confirmation letter into the text of the message. Send the message.

  7. Within 48 hours you will receive a response email from Synful. This response email will contain a response code similar to the challenge code you sent earlier only longer. Start your sequencer and bring up Synful Orchestra again so that you see the Activation Dialog. Press the Authorize button again. Copy the response code from the response message by selecting it and typing Ctrl-c. (This means holding down the Ctrl button and typing c).

  8. Paste the response code into the response box in the Activation Dialog by clicking in the response box and typing Ctrl-v. You should see the entire response code there.

  9. Click the Next button. You should see a message saying "Authorized this system with a valid response". You have successfully authorized Synful Orchestra. Click the Finish button. You are DONE! You should now be able to run Synful Orchestra permanently on your machine.

  10. If you do not see the success message or if you run Synful Orchestra and are told it is not authorized then go back and review this procedure from step 1. If you continue to have problems, contact support@synful.com

  11. If you are authorizing Synful Orchestra on a machine that does not have your email program, then after step 11 you can paste the challenge code into a simple text file and copy that file to your email machine. In the other direction copy the response code to a text file on your email machine and copy that file to your install machine. Open the text file and copy the response code into Activation Dialog.

Activating Multiple Machines. Upgrading Machines

You can authorize Synful Orchestra on more than one personal machine. For example, a desktop and a laptop or a PC and a MAC. The Synful Orchestra license is considered to be for one person. However, we will support as many machines as you have within reason. 2-3 is normal, 10 is way too many! Do not share your Activation Code with friends or colleagues. It identifies you as the only person who can receive authorizations for your personal Synful Orchestra License.  If you use Automatic Internet activation then after 3 activations you may need to contact Synful Orchestra by email at support@synful.com to request further activations. Certain kinds of hardware upgrades and sometimes reformatting of the hard disk will require a re-authorization. Simple follow the steps described in the previous section to re-authorize.


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