These examples were sent to us by users or posted on various online forums. The creators are completely independent of Synful. Many of them were experimenting with Synful for the first time after downloading the 15 day free trial. Here are their results and comments. If you are one of these creators and would like to clarify the credit or comments or remove the demo please contact info@synful.com. (The Hari-Hara I.mp3 is an exception -- see notes below)


Creator's Comments


Danilo Madonia


"And now, a little Bartok demo, a small portion of "Intermezzo Interrotto" from "Concerto per Orchestra". Two Synful strings on Mac, Synful winds and brass on PC, plus MachFive2 (on Mac) playing Harp and Timpani. Reverb is Lexicon."

Bartok Concerto for Orchestra Intermezzo

New! Yves Berranger


"I have so much admiration for the work Synful has with this software. I see Synful as a modern "luthier" (violin maker) ! Synful opens to me the window to the real orchestra with its full dynamics and expressivity."

Theme from Basic Instinct

Alain Mayrand


"Here the Synful strings perform an expressive melody. They are perfectly suited for this because they can achieve a true legato and they possess a very expressive dynamic range. Everything from pianissimo to fortissimo is possible and extremely playable with Synful. I was very excited by the convincing climactic forte that Synful easily gave me for this piece. No delay for expression."

String Adagio

Yves Berranger


"Dvorak symphony 9 is a such a well known piece of music that everybody knows how it should sound, so it is difficult to cheat. For me, this score and its very complex blending of all instruments and textures make this music impossible to simulate with a traditional sample library: it will always sounds bad. That is why for me this demo should help people realize the potential of Synful Orchestra for full orchestra simulation. All instruments except the timpani are Synful in this demo."

Dvorak Symphony 9 Adagio

Frederic Rousseau

"When I discovered Synful, I was very interested in testing it, and how it used additive synthesis to reproduce Orchestra sounds. When I tried it, I was impressed with its expressiveness and the
realistic quality of it After few hours of works , it feels like playing real instruments and creating with a live orchestra. I used Dverb from Protools.


Inside -- Improvisation for Orchestra

Claude-Samuel Levine


I was really blasted by the Rite of Spring sample made with Synful ! in comparaison with a Boulez version, people think that the Boulez one is the synthesized version!   ( anyway i like very much Boulez very subtle way of conducting. )

 I am a music of Olivier Messiaen lover and I made an example of the first part of Turangalila Symphony Movement 1 using :

- Synful Orchestra 2.3.0 demo for Woods, Brass and strings

- Pianoteq for the piano ( physical model )

- Various samples for percussions and vibes

- the new Ondea for the Ondes Martenot


Messiaen Turangalila 1


Claude-Samuel Levine


"Arrangements of Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time for Synful: Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Pianoteq: Piano ...":

"The end or more precisly : a frontier between the temporal wolrd (the ours where we use to live)and some place where there is no time at all, but only all ."






New! Doug Katsaros

"I had been scoring a piece for a high profile network TV biography special. There was a suggestion by the director to use a public domain Paganini Caprice as one of the elements. I hired a violinist, but the ensuing takes were not as brisk or clean as the producer had hoped. So I told him I had a secret weapon, and produced the thing at home with Synful. And he bought it, with praise for the "artist!"  In fact, much of the score was emulated with Synful Orchestra, making the sweetening recording session much less expensive. Thank you for saving my neck again!"

Paganini Caprice 38 for Solo Violin

Robert Kral

"Angel" for 20th Century Fox TV. "Duck Dodgers" for Warner Bros. animation.

"I'm very impressed with the technology. Take a listen to this example which I made in 35 minutes after installing the program, and be aware this is literally doodling around, improvising, with no editing. I've left it this way so you can see how it sounds as is"

RKral Synful 1.mp3

New! Yves Berranger


"On Errance the flute and violin are Synful played realtime using my Akai EWI USB+SYNFUL. The piano is my Yamaha C2S baby rand. I recorded the music in 2 principal steps, editing in Sonar. But actually, both takes (piano and EWI) are realtime improvisations. Thank you Synful for not having me stop and  load thousands of Mb of samples and articulations and making me loose my inspiration!!!"


"Escape is a quick scherzo composition I made with extensive use of Synful's so easy real divisi function that allows me to control easily the 60 strings orchestra (16 violins I +14 violins II + 12 Altos + 10 Cellos +8 double basses) and share the harmony between all desks in a very easy way... Also, after 1:18 we can hear the real benefit of Synful during the slowing down of the tempo and speed up after 1:48 ... we can hear the play of all instruments sounding real and not just like a sample library played faster."


"Poème No5 was my first orchestra composition made with Synful. In this composition, I was amazed by the presence of the Violin solo that can compete with a large orchestra and show its expressiveness..."

Errance pour Piano, Flute et Violon Solo



Escape From Title....



Poème No5

New! Ash Madni


"Inspired by the works of Bela Bartok, I wanted to explore semi atonal/microtonal harmonic territory.  I have attempted to do this within my "Confused" series for string quartet. However, that said using Sibelius 6 on its own didn't give the sound I wanted, and not having access to a string quartet, I wanted to invest in state of the art VST technology to bring the best out of the compositions, bar getting a real live string quartet to play it!

Enter Synful!! Using Synful within Sibelius is relatively straightforward. Once loaded the composer is limited only by his/her imagination!!"


Confused 3rd Movement

New! Richard deCosta


"This piece was done entire with Sibelius using Synful Sounds. The trick I found with Sibelius is two things: first, set all of the Synful Playing Modes as staff text (pizz, arco, etc.), then, more importantly, clear and constant use of the Plugins->Playback->Cres/Dim playback plugin. In every instance of a hairpin, I use the plugin to set volume messages (C11 not C7). The rest is just pure orchestration technique.

I've only been working with Synful for two weeks now, so I'm sure I'm only scratching the surface of its possibilities. Can't wait for the additional instruments!

Das Ist.mp3

Das Ist Score.pdf

Ian Harker



All the sounds except piano, harpsichord, and pecussion are Synful. A collection of short pieces.


Piano and Strings

Sleigh Ride

Pizz and Trumpet


Scottish Air


Michael Schrattbauer

"Yesterday I made a test, because I had the opportunity. I gave this example to the conductor of the orchestra, in which I´m also playing. After the first time he listened to it, he asked me, who is playing this concerto... I told him he should listened again... The third time, I said to him, it´s a computer output. He was really surprised about the qualitiy (OK, he has not so much experiences with music on computers). Also other violinists thought this was real. Only one of them, could identify it as a computer output at the first time. All I can say is: I´m playing violin for 20 years now and I maintain it sounds real. Of course there are weak points, and the quality of a sample is maybe better, but try to get this output by just copying the midinotes to a sample - track....Just my 2 cents."


Sergio Taglioni




In the track you hear an Italian poetical version of “Imagine” of John Lennon, and an African lullaby (the voices are, obviously, real recordings), a looped sample of heartbeat, and a Low Synth Pad (my old Elka Synthex), but all “real” instruments (bowed strings & woodwinds) are Synful.


Brian Packham

I love this program. The new horn is tremendous! I have been working to get a more 'creamy' ensemble sound and this short excerpt from Shostakovitch's Symphony No.10 is very convincing to me. Thanks for this amazing instrument.

I created this in Digital performer using
8 desks/tracks of violin I (2 players per desk)
6 desks vln. 2
6 desks vlas.
4 desks Vc.
4 desks Cb.

built in proverb reverb plug-in 'wafflel' hall center, rear

my mp3 converted file pales in comparison to the 24bit splendor of the original.

Shostakovitch Symphony No.10

Frederick Russ

I wanted to share with you a rough improvisation sequence I did with Synful Orchestra in less than 2 hours. I did extensive EQ on the strings based on EQ models and IR chains.


Scarborough Improv

Anna Lindemann



Excerpts from the multimedia work Birdbrain. Animation and music by the composer. Much of the music is derived from a developmental biology inspired generative process. Birdbrain is scored for soprano, clarinet, cello, and Synful Orchestra. This version is entirely realized using Synful Orchestra.

Rice Hats

Male Bird

Mother Bird and Pasta Hat

Scientists Exhibit Flocking Behavior

Eric Duke Ousman

"I've tested Synful and I think that sometimes it's very near perfection. As I managed to record the little work I did with it, I wondered if you'd use it as an example of Synful quality. It's one of my favourite string quartet of Beethoven: Op 127."

Beethoven Quartet Opus 127

Jordan Rudess

"These little demos were done in the kitchen at the counter with my tiny Nano Korg keyboard. I installed the Synful demo on my little 13 inch Macbook -so this was created on a real traveling rig! Of course the lead would be even cooler if I had a pitch wheel and mod wheel!!!!!

In the distored guitar demo the top voice is the Synful violin through Guitar Rig, The pad is a Logic ES2 pad and the drum groove is a loop I found.

I had my buddy Chris Martirano over last night. Chris was the Pro Product Director for Kurzweil and envisioned the K2000 and instruments up until the K2600. He was really smiling when I turned him on to the Synful French Horn!! It was great to see his face light up happily like that!! The horns are so wonderful! Man, I could have used them on this last Dream Theater record instead of the stale (in comparison) horn sample I played.

Synful Violin Improv

Massive Distortion --Synful Violin Through Guitar Rig 3


Phil Greiss


"I wanted to share with you the results of an arrangement made
with your software, incorporated in a full live accoustic and classical guitar arrangement. The song is "Tout Ce Temps" on http://www.myspace.com/philgreiss

it is featured on an album by world music star "Idir" released
on Columbia.

The first time I heard about Synful Orchestra was from a good friend of mine who emailed me the now famous Beethoven String Quartet, Opus 123 demo, claiming it was coming straight out of a VSTi. This VSTi is alive, it has a soul of its own and it brings my string arrangements to a degree of realism I could only have hoped for a few years ago. This could be the future of orchestral arranging for the masses, and  a great alternative to the humongobytes sample playback trend. At the touch of a button, the delay for expression function really adds that jaw dropping factor, adding nuances that I would have thought impossible to replicate."

Violin from Idir song

Evan Evans


"Here is a cue where my engineer did the strings entirely in Synful. It showcases the sul pont technique(s). Attached is also the score for people to look at, if they are into it. The cue usses Synful Strings and various percussion samples"

Sulpont Suspense Cue


Score PDf: Cleanup Cue Score

Casey James



This mixes an innocent live voice and guitar song with an avant-garde orchestra sensibility:

"I thought you might enjoy this.  Its not quite done and certainly not mixed (I can only work on it in class so progress has been slow) but the orchestra parts are all synful."


The James McAvoy link is a short video with Synful Orchestra and various percussion samples doing the musc.

Simple Song with Avant-Garde Orchestration


James McAvoy in "The Dream"

Leo Gardini

"I´ve finally got some spare time to improve my ability to use Synful, I decided to make some short solo demos...I didn´t spend much time doing them, I just played the phrases and chaged some main volumes , tempo track and pitch...so , please keep in mind that it can sound much more expressive..."




Double Bass.mp3


Leo Gardini

"...the more I work with Synful the more I learn how to make it sound expressive...there´s a long way to go , a great future for us computer composers ..."







Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer)

"I thought I'd play with the trumpet and the results were a revelation, to say the least. Talk about slurs no sampler could EVER EVER do. Here's a couple fairly famous melodies (mangled I'm sure, I did it from memory and I haven't heard either piece in years, so my apologies!!) This approach to music making is intense stuff, and it's only going to get better. I'm so excited to see how this product (and others) develop. I think as soon as I have a little cash, it's *ka-ching* time... I'm a convert...

Fred's Trumpet Demo

Anna Lindemann

This is the first of four movements of the ballet Hari-Hara composed by my 18 year old daughter. The ballet was produced in Boulder, CO in June 04. The second movement is on the home page. She is the first to use Synful Orchestra - the origianal Alpha test girl. She also danced in the ballet. I'll get her to make her own comments soon. (The percussion are vsampler with some soundfont library)

Eric Lindemann


Hari-Hara I.mp3

Douglas Liang


"First, there are all sounds from Synful. In words i would say Synful is the most wonderful software instrument I ever used, I would like to share my first piece that I made by these... Wonderful time with synful!"


PoA Soerlin

"I think that Synful is just amazing and realistic sounding. It feels nice to the ear when listening to the sounds produced! The sound is lively and all the articulations, dynamics and so on - it feels so musical. Can't explain really! To me it's almost a mystery that it sounds so good! I've been listening the other examples at your site and I can only say: Whow!!"


Leo Gardini

"what I want people to do is spend more time with Synful , it works very differently the way we are used to with samples!!! ...it´s the only software that is able to do this kind of stuff , the great Synful...I LOVE IT..."


Flute Solo Petroushka

Bulent Uludag

"Synful is a breathing and living instrument, I love it. Everything is Synful here, except a pizz contrbass."

Godfather Theme w/ Trumpet

Vlad Kuryluk

"discovered your wonderful instrument about week ago. It gives immensive creative power and lets composer to get into very intimate touch with the instrument. I made these demos in 2 days, Village Dance featuring Violin, Viola, Clarinet and Trumpet (love it!).. and Carpathian Czardasz featuring Violin, Flute and Clarinet. Hope you will enjoy them. "

Carpathian Czardasz


Vlad Kuryluk

(See Above)

Village Dan

Cédric Le Guillerm

"I think that Synful is a revolution in the synthesis world.
It's the tool I've been waiting for many years... it makes sound easily what's in your head."

Marche funèbre

Rob Loney

"After having downloaded and used the 2.3 Synful Orchestra demo I have only one thing to say...Simply Awesome! The ease of use in getting this software to do what I need in the short amount of time spent is incredible. I have been sequencing music for many years in various genres but in particular, classical and heavy orchestral music for use in recording as well as "live" music on stage. No other synthesizer can yet do what Synful has done for my music and the price is far less than I had previously invested. This is definately far worth the price!"

Tchaikovsky Excerpt

Jacques Mathias

"I´m sure everyone in the world who works like a composer is "waiting" for Synful sections !! After my purchase, I would like to programe some arrangements i´ve done and recorded for strings sections. When i need to write something with "strings expressiveness" i have a horrible result using common sample libraries....like the demo i´ve attached, how could be i make something like that through of normal sample libraries?!"

The Secret Forest

Brandenburg Concerto III

Jerzy Gangi

"I have been struggling with samplers since I started using my K2000 in the 90s (I'm young) so you've also hit a personal spot with me! There are just so many things you can't do, and how they've survived is unbelievable. Doing work with samplers makes me feel like I'm just assembling waves instead of making music. Your methods and application, in fact, are similar to many ideas I've pondered and thought about - so congratulations! Excellent work, and I'm very excited to see where this will go."

[All Synful Orchestra except timpani]


Orchestral Mozart

Adam Hay

"Here's a little ditty I've been working on with Synful, unfortuantly my trial has come to an end so the mixing is quite rough and there are a few compositional hiccups (particularly the transposition) I can't go back and fix. I've tried to squash the tuning errors in the woodwind instruments but it's still not quite perfect... hopefully not glaringly noticable either. I'd love to have experimented with the brass more (there's some in there but very low and lost amongst the reverb :/) and would have done had day to day life not gotten in the way of things. I've fallen in love with Synful now though, and I'm sure the software is going to gain a devoted following and lots of acclaim. It's an absolute joy to compose with - the expression comes from it naturally and doesn't take hours and hours of tweaking to start making solo lines sound realistic. Something I think everyone will appreciate!" (string sections and percussion are Edirol)


Craig Sharmat


"playing with the violin a little its amazing how good it sounds without any extra programming applied to it." [The Guitar is Live]


Le Syn Hot

Craig Sharmat


"It was fun to do. Here is one of a converted midi file (it is my piece)"



Leo Gardini


"If you liked these demos you may check this one I posted not a long time ago.. This is not music , it´s just an orchestral warm-up that I made just to simulate how an orchestra sounds some minutes before the rehearsal begins...to me it´s very realistic but I´m opened to comments and advices...here it is..."


Orchestral Warmup

String Quartet

Tony Hetherington

"Here's an mp3 of a piece of music i composed using synful orchestra..its called The Climb.....all the solo violin parts and flurries are synful orchestra and the rest of the orchestration is a mix of synful and edirol orchestra as well as various other vst,s (trilogy,Imposcar,groove agent)..I've always been massively impressed with synful mainly because it,s so intuitive as well as the fact that there aren,t hundreds of faders and knobs to twiddle to get realistic sounds,it,s all there already....brilliant programme and can i say one of the best companies i,ve come across for customer care."


The Climb

David Solomons


"I needed to mix and match between Edirol Garritan and the Synful double bass arco. The formers arco sound didn't have anywhere near the life and real-feel of the Synful one. I just wish I could have done all the sounds on Synful - many some time in the near future?"

[Only Double Bass arco is Synful]


Kupferman Double Bass Solo

David Solomons

"Celebration is particularly interesting in that it uses downward glissando in the flute part (which is typical of the Native American Flute)."


Flute and Violin Solo

Luca Thomas d'Agiout

"Yesterday I made this small piece, with Synful, just in time before my trial ends. violin, cello, bass, clarinet, horn and bassoon. The glockenspiel is from Silver."


Rob Elliot

"I really think this technology has potential. Here is my first improv using it. Just went through each string instrument (fix a couple of flubs) but generally just jamming around with it. Lots to learn, but this is encouraging."

Synful Jig.mp3

David Coscina

"I've been testing your demo and I frankly love it.  Although it's not quite perfect, I have a HUGE amount of respect for what you've accomplished here.  In the next 15 days, I'll be working on some demos.  I'd be happy to send them to you to use if they are good enough.  This is a great product and it makes creating music FUN again.  It's as immediate as sitting down and playing a real instrument rather than fussing over keyswitch programs for different articulations."

Synful Chamber Piece.mp3

Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer)

"I downloaded the software and had a little fun time today. Of course I started with the violin. At first it seemed like it was going to sound awful but it took only about 5 minutes to develop a feel for it and then it was simply a breeze to play really cool stuff on it. And of course, then you kick in the "delay for expression" button and it goes to a new level. Here's a little solo/cadenza which I basically played in real time and then MIDI'd back with the delay. I only edited the real clunky suck notes:"

Fred's Violin Demo

Guido from Soundfonts.it

"Synful is a wonderful instrument and an astonishing new technology ..."


Leo Gardini

"...I´ve made two string quartets showing how the legatos work...I like a lot how it simulate these legatos , and another good thing is that I didn´t needed to work on these small demos...I just played each part and bounced , it took me less than 10 min. each..."



Michael Schrattbauer

"During the last few hours of my demo periode I did some tweaking on my Andante. As you suggested I applied more variation on the volume and modwheel and I did lower the whole volume of the violin. I think some
parts are really better now."

Synful Violin Andante

(Piano is not Synful)

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