Setting Up Synful Orchestra in Protools

  1. Install Synful Orchestra 2.4.3 or greater.

  2. In Setup->Playback Engine set the H/W Buffer Size to 512 samples or more. Set CPU
    Usage Limit to 90% or more. Set RTAS Processors to the number of processor cores
    on your machine. You may want to check RTAS Engine -- ignore errors during playback.

  3. Create a Protools project if you haven't already done so.

  4. Add new instrument track with Track->New. Select Stereo. Select Instrument Track.

  5. Bring up the Window->Mix view .

  6. In the Mix View click on one of the insert buttons (small up/down triangles). Select
    multichannel plug-in->Instrument->Synful Orchestra (stereo). The Synful Orchestra
    Control Panel should appear. You can close this for now.

  7. In the Mix View set the output of the Synful Orchestra instrument track to an audio
    output or bus.

  8. Add a new Midi Track with Track->New and then select Midi Track.

  9. In the Mix view set the destination of the Midi Track to Synful Orchestra and select
    a specific Midi Channel.

  10. Open the Synful Orchestra Control Panel by clicking on the Synful Orchestra insert
    in the Mix view.

  11. Select the Synful Orchestra Program for the desired Midi Channel (e.g. Violin) using
    the Channel Grid.

  12. Record into the Midi Track -- you should here sound!

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