Future Developments for Synful Orchestra and Other Synful Products


Synful Orchestra Improvements

  • General Improvement and Rerecording of All Instruments Particular improvements will include better short staccato notes, better hard attacks, better horn legator/slur/glisses, better low brass, more consistent behavior of all instruments, better extreme low and high notes on all instruments, more natural performance when instruments play out of their normal range.
  • Complete Playing Modes Synful Orchestra will include the full range of wind playing modes (flutter tongue, mutes, etc). String playing modes (pizz, tremolo, etc are included in version 2.4.x and above) .
  • Better Trills and Glisses Trills will be improved as well as better horn glisses and other idiomatic instrumental gestures.
  • Tuba, Bass Trombone, Contra-Bassoon, Piccolo, Bass Clarinet These are still missing but will be introduced by version 3.0

Future Synful Products

  • Synful Jazz Jazz instruments with sounds of different players, styles, and historical periods (saxes, trumpets, trombones, bass, etc).

  • Synful Rock Pop/funk/rock instruments -- especially electric guitars and basses.

  • Synful World Expressive wind and string instruments from around the world -- India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Africa, etc.

  • Synful Fiction A software program for creating and experimenting with new fictional instruments. Synful's RPM technology is uniquely suited to exploring, morphing, and transforming instrumental sounds. This product will allow musicians and composers to explore this potential through various techniques: blending and modifying existing instruments and inventing new instruments.

What About Percussion and Piano

We believe that Synful RPM technology provides the most benefit for expressive instruments where the sound is modified by the performer after the note is struck and where there is a variety of note transition types. This is most true for winds, strings. Traditional sampling does a pretty good job with percussion. Piano, harp, tabla, and other instruments are in between cases where Synful RPM technology may be quite useful. There is no current plan to support these however.



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