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STEP 1: Download Synful Orchestra

FREE TRIALS: EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED A PREVIOUS DEMO VERSION IN THE PAST! you can download and install a 15 day free trial of Synful Orchestra. If this is your first time trying Synful Orchestra or if you use Windows then No Authorization or Activation is required. Just install and run.

NEW CUSTOMERS If you have just purchased Synful Orchestra and received an Activation Code then follow the links above to download. If you have not yet authorized then be sure to do so after downloading and installing one of these files.

CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Download updates above.

STEP 2: Install and Setup


STEP 3: Purchase a License

see buy.htm

STEP 4: Activate/Authorize


NEW CUSTOMERS: You MUST ACTIVATE/AUTHORIZE THE SOFTWARE or it will stop running after 15 days. If you have purchased a license and received an Activation Code then follow one of these links to authorize Synful Orchestra.

CURRENT CUSTOMERS: If you are an existing Windows customer and are downloading version 2.4.x then you must reauthorize. Otherwise, if you are an existing Mac customer and have just downloaded an update to Synful Orchestra you do not need to reauthorize. You only need to authorize if you are installing on a new machine or have reformatted your hard disk or made other major hardware changes. If you need to (re)authorize then see PurchasingAndAuthorizingSynfulOrchestra.htm.


What's New

see WhatsNew.htm

Free Crossgrade for Windows and Mac

If you already own Synful Orchestra or if you purchase a new license you can use it on both your Mac and Windows machines. See Free Crossgrade.

Wagner, Beethoven and Stravinsky Examples

One of the best ways to learn Synful Orchestra is to examine the examples included with the installation. There are examples from several composers including a Beethoven String Quartet, Stravinsky Rite of Spring, and Wagner Tristan und Isolde.

  • Mac OSX. Go to Macintosh HD/Applications/Synful/Synful Orchestra/Examples. .lso is for Apple Logic, .dpf files are Digital Performer, cpr for Cubase, and .mid for simple Midi.
  • Windows. Go to /Program Files/Synful/Synful Orchestra/Examples. .cpr is for Cubase, .cwp for Sonar, and .mid for simple Midi.

Sequencers We Test With

We currently test Synful Orchestra with Apple Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase SX, Sonar, and Protools on Mac. There are known problems with some other sequencers that we do not currently test with -- see KnownProblems.htm. Generally if Synful Orchestra works with one product from a company it will work with others. For example Nuendo, Cubase SL, and V-stack all work well since Cubase SX works well. For products we do not test with, we cannot guarantee correct behavior. It is also possible that for products we do not test with Synful Orchestra will work now but not work after either we or the sequencer company releases a software update. We will try to fix these problems if they occur but this may take time. We will gradually expand the number of products we test with over time. We apologize for any problems this causes.

Known Problems With Synful Orchestra

see KnownProblems.htm

Synful Orchestra Needs a Host Sequencer Program

Synful Orchestra is a plugin program that cannot run by itself. It needs to run with a host program. It supports four plugin formats AU, DXi, VST, and Protools/RTAS. AU, VST and Protools/RTAS run on MAC. DXi and VST run on Windows. There are many AU, DXi, VST, and RTAS host programs including some free ones.

Activating or Authorizing Multiple Machines. Upgrading Machines

If you have purchased a Synful Orchestra license and received an Activation Code then you can authorize Synful Orchestra on more than one personal machine. For example, a desktop and a laptop or a PC and a MAC. The Synful Orchestra license is considered to be for one person. However, we will support as many machines as you have within reason. 2-3 is normal, 10 is way too many! Do not share your Activation Code with friends or colleagues. It identifies you as the only person who can receive authorizations for your personal Synful Orchestra License.  If you use Automatic Internet activation then after 3 activations you may need to contact Synful Orchestra by email at support@synful.com to request further activations.

Certain kinds of hardware upgrades and sometimes reformatting of the hard disk will require a re-authorization. Simple follow the steps described in the previous section to re-authorize.

Press Downloads

see Press Downloads





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