Control Parameters in a Synthesizer

There are  three controls that apply to an entire Synthesizer. They affect all MIDI channels and all Programs assigned to those MIDI channels.

Continuous expression control is very important for Synful Orchestra. The expression control (cc7 or cc11 depending what you have selected) is what you use to create expressive phrasing gestures in Synful Orchestra  -- small crescendi and decrescendi during long notes; dynamic shaping of rapid note phrases, etc. When the expression control changes it affects which phrase fragments are selected by the Synful RPM synthesis engine see RPM - Reconstructive Phrase Modeling and it changes the timbre or tone color of the synthesized sound. If you are playing from a keyboard  you will generally want to map a continuous foot controller to the expression control. If you  select  "expression (cc11) and volume (cc7)" button you will want to map the foot controller to cc11. When you edit your continuous controllers in your sequencer you should see allot of activity in cc11 and much less activity in cc7. If you select the other button "volume only (cc7)" then you should map your foot controller to cc7 and you should see allot of activity in the cc7 controller the cc11 controller will be ignored.