Control Parameters in a Program

The Program control parameters are adjusted by sliders and switches on the Synful Orchestra Control Panel.  The positions of the sliders and switches reflect the values of the currently selected program see The Synful Orchestra Control Panel. All of the control parameters except for Synful pitch wheel mode switch can be automated using MIDI continuous controllers see MIDI Control and Automation of Synful Orchestra Parameters in the Synful Orchestra Help.

Details of Individual Program Control Parameters

All control parameters except for the Synful pitch wheel, and pitch wheel range parameters are relative trim values. This means, the sliders make the value bigger or smaller than the original default Program value associated with the Synful Orchestra Instrument. Generally the values being controlled in the Instrument are determined in a complicated way from pitch, velocity, volume, note articulation, etc. The relative trim control parameters simply influence this complex behavior in one direction or another.  

Listening to Results While Adjusting Program Control Parameters

The currently selected program is not necessarily the program you are currently listening to. For example, assume that you want to adjust control parameters for the clarinet Program and want to simultaneously listen to the results of the adjustments by playing live on a MIDI keyboard. You must assure the following:

  1. The MIDI keyboard is driving a MIDI track or Audio Instrument track in the sequencer Project (see documentation for the host program); and

  2. A Synful Orchestra Synthesizer is associated with that MIDI track or Audio Instrument track in the Project (see tutorials in this document for setup of Synful Orchestra with various host sequencers); and

  3. The output MIDI channel of the MIDI track is assigned to a particular Synful Orchestra MIDI Channel.

  4. The clarinet Program is assigned to the same channel that the MIDI track is driving ); and

  5. The synthesizer is routed to the audio output channel you are listening to.

When all of these conditions have been met then when you play on the MIDI keyboard you will here the clarinet Program and any changes to the Control Panel slider and switch adjustments..